help please i need to know how to write this!!?

help please i need to know how to write this!!?
ok so i was given a question for this really hard assinment and it goes like this

many students now take after school jobs that involve working long hours. some administrators argue that these jobs are tiring for students and make it difficult for them to compleate their schoolwork. others say that paying jobs are good experience for the future.

ok so i got the notes and how it starts off that i asked earlyer and it goes like this

In the introductory paragraph, write a catchy sentence about the subject matter. It should be something general and important that shows the reader what you are going to talk about (for example: middle class youngsters, nowadays, have to help parents solve their financial difficulties […]). Then, refer to after-school jobs, as their way of helping out. In the last sentence, you should introduce the ideas to be discussed in your essay (a positive and a negative argument).

Main body: in one or two paragraphs (or more), argue that some administrators think that working is harmful to students (discuss their points of view and provide an example, an illustration of the points you are trying to make). Then, in the following two paragraphs (or more), present the opposing point of view and discuss (again, include one example to help you state your case).

In the conclusion, you may (A) take sides, that is, you may state your own opinion or (B) remain neutral. In either case, draw sound, final conclusions.

ok so nows the hard part i dont know how to write this in a essay can someone please im begging you write it? i have the notes and the question all im asking is for some help please help anyone!!!!

Once upon a time, I didn’t know how to do it either. Then I was forced to write specific essays to meet a list of specific criteria, and now I can do it without breaking a sweat. If I do it for you, I will cheat you out of experience that will help you overcome your fear and inexperience. Keep in mind, you need the experience to get better at doing it.

I can ethically help you get started, though.

First, decide whether you are in favor of students holding down after-school jobs. Does it make a difference whether the students are in a 20-hours-per-week job or work more hours, including a full-time (40 or more hours) job? Does it make a difference if the student is in a Cooperative Education job and is receiving school credit? Does it make a difference if the student is unable to afford school without working and might be forced to choose between working after school and dropping out to work full time? Are there any other considerations in forming your opinion?

Next, decide on your opening sentence. Think about the example you gave and think about what you want to say in your essay. You could write anything from “Are school administrators who condemn after-school jobs living in the real world?” to “Some school administrator fear that students are sacrificing their grades and their future success by working.” The opening sentence should reflect how you actually see the problem.

After you get the opening sentence and the opening paragraph, the rest of the essay, following your instructions, should be easier.

Good luck with gaining new writing skill!