HELP PRONTO, PLEASE. How to start a persuasive essay?

HELP PRONTO, PLEASE. How to start a persuasive essay?
Okay, so I have an assignment to convince my parents to do something through a persuasive essay. My essay is about them getting me a pony, and I have no idea how to start it.
I also have to use ethos, pathos, and logos in the essay, but I already have some ideas for that (it’d be cool if you helped though)
But help with the intro is what I desperately need.

your smart enough to write your own essay. but….

Ever since I was a young child, I always dreamed of being able to ride a pony. Birthdays came and went, and I never got my chance; mom always said it was too big a responsiblily/. Now that I’m older I proved that I can take care of such a thing….

the first part might be some pathos- equating the argument to a little child dreaming about something. hope that helped a little… continue from there but rephrase it, don’t plaigerize i thought i’d give you just an idea.