Help with a college? Completely clueless!?

Help with a college? Completely clueless!?
Before I start I’m a 16 year old high school junior. I’m going to be taking my SATs this year so I started thinking about college.
I am thinking about being a radiologist, but the problem is I don’t have the slightest clue on how to apply for college. What college in NY state has a radiology program? How do I apply? How many college years till I can become a radiologist?
I would really appreciate it if someone listed all the schools with radiology programs in New York State, and answered my questions!!

Generally your high school will help you with the application process an walking you through the steps during your junior and senior year. Most medical and traditional colleges are what you want to go for first to get a bachelors in some science related field. (Remember the higher level of your degree, the better your pay will be.) Most colleges offer a pre-medical course you can take first. Radiology education will come later, unless you get one that specializes in specifically radiology. All you have to do is find a college you want, and your school conselor will help you through the application process. Basically you will have to write out an application, possibly an essay for the school, possibly need letters of reccomendation from a science teacher and or a conselor, pay an application fee, fill out
housing forms and pay a deposit if you are living on campus, fill out immunization forms, get your transcripts and SAT score faxed or sent over to the college you are applying. But your conselor at school will walk you through most of this besides the housing part. Typically you will go 4 standard years in college and then some after if you dont find a radiology specific school. No more than one to two years of radiology training after that. I provided you with some links of schools first, and then links of steps to being a radiologist.

After you pick a school you will need your parents around to fill out FAFSA for financial aid and or get loans to cover your tuition.

And its not true that you need to be a physician first or attend extra medical schooling. I am 19 and live in CT and I know I could get a job as a radiologist within two years of radiology schooling. At least here. However having a bachelors degree would make you more eligible and give you, like I said, higher pay. Your length of training depends on the school and where you wish to work. I could intern off the bat here without any previous education if I wanted. Some places allow that and will train you on the job. Some wont. It all depends on what youre interested in, and location.