Help with a College Essay?

Help with a College Essay?
I need help with my college essay. Any tips or good pointers would be good. Also my biggest question is; is it a good idea to double space the essay?

Thank you

Only double space if it’s in the instructions. For each paper I write I include a Title Page with innovative graphics, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, and assign headings 1,2, and 3 to various parts of the paper so that I can auto-generate a table of contents using Microsoft Word. So this is the look and feel.

One thing you want to avoid is type like you would normally talk. For example:

“I think that the Moon is bright because you have think about how the Sun reflects off of it.”

“The brightness of the Moon is the result of the Sun’s reflection off of its surface.”

Also, don’t put a lot of fluff in your paper unless you can make it relate to something.