Help with an essay about gay marriage..please?

Help with an essay about gay marriage..please?
I have to write an argumentative synthesis about gay marriage. I’m not gay, but I do support the marriage of the same sex just because I feel that people should have the right to marry whom they want, since it says we have the right to life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

However, I’m having a hard time coming up with main idea’s for my outline/rough draft. How should I approach this issue?

I would really appreciate any ideas. Even opinions from those of you who are against gay marriage because then I can get some idea’s about the opposing side.

Thanks in advance.

I’m in the middle (where everyone should be). I think they should definitely have the same rights as everyone because they are people too. It’s not fair to oppress them and control their life like that, forcing them to be unhappy. So there I agree with you.

HOWEVER, the word marriage is what throws me off. Marriage is a RELIGIOUS union, and the religions that marry people usually don’t support homosexuality. Therefore, it’s just as oppressive to make it wrong for churches to refuse marrying a gay couple. Neither side should be oppressed, whether you agree with their views or not, they should have the freedom to have those views.

You see, the religious side needs to realize that they needn’t go as far as making gay rights illegal. It’s oppression to do so. And the gay rights side needs to realize that they needn’t go as far as forcing the churches to marry them. That’s oppressive too. They can find their own way to unite through ‘marriage’.

It’s no different that abortion. One side wants it completely illegal, one wants to make it illegal for doctors to refuse to give one. Why not make it legal, but allow doctors to refuse if their beliefs are against it?

Really people need to grow up and realize what it is they are really fighting for. Compromise is the key.

I hope you can understand and accept my opinion. If not, then this fight will continue until both sides open their eyes or it’s too late and one side does something drastic.