Help with an essay about gay marriage..please?

Help with an essay about gay marriage..please?
I have to write an argumentative synthesis about gay marriage. I’m not gay, but I do support the marriage of the same sex just because I feel that people should have the right to marry whom they want, since it says we have the right to life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

However, I’m having a hard time coming up with main idea’s for my outline/rough draft. How should I approach this issue?

I would really appreciate any ideas. Even opinions from those of you who are against gay marriage because then I can get some idea’s about the opposing side.

Thanks in advance.

Almost no one understands that the government doesn’t ban any kind of relationship. Gays can have secular ceremonies and go live whatever way makes them happy.

The issue is that the government encourages and rewards marriage but does not ban other relationships. We do the same thing for farmers, for students and for military veterans to name a few. Farmers who meet a certain definition for farmer can get farm subsidies and other help from the Dept of Agriculture. Students, if they meet the government definition of student, can get student loans. Veterans, if they meet the definition of veteran, can get into VA hospitals.

Now I have garden but that doesn’t meet the definition of farmer so I can’t get farm subsidies. I take a class but that doesn’t meet the definition of student. I worked for the military but that doesn’t meet the definition of veteran. The government, acting in behalf of the people, have a long history of setting definitions and helping specific groups but not others.

We passed those laws that encourage and support marriage specifically because we understood that strong marriages would strengthen family life where family is defined as having and raising one’s own children. We understood that strong marriages provide (in general) the best environment for raising the next generation.

Now as to your statement “should have the right to marry whom they want”. Does that include you marrying your father if you want? Is polygamy okay and polyamorism? Gay supporters always want to change the definition of marriage just enough so they can get into the door but no one else. But once the lock on the door is broken, we cannot stop any other kind of marriage from entering.