Help with english HW?

Help with english HW?
So for english we need to write a persuasive essay to give to our parents to persuade them to give us something (ex. trip to Disneyland, car when 16, new dog) & I want to ask for more clothes (like $100 worth) what could my reasons be?

in your essay, you’ll need to construct 1 paragraph for your introduction.

for your 2nd, 3rd and 4th body, include your reasons on why you want more clothes. they must all be positive reasons such as:

– you live healthier by changing your clothes more often and not having to wear dirty clothes with sweat patches
-you’ll survive from the cold (if you buy thick clothes)
-you’ll have a better appearance towards visitors in your house

for your 5th paragraph, you have to write on how you would pay back your parents for buying you those clothes. this paragraph contributes the most towards a persuasive essay. you could include ideas such as:

-i’ll help you with the house works
-i’ll do better in my exams
-i’ll be on my very best behavior

or anything else (sorry, those three ideas are very basic but it’s really all i can think of. however, they are your parents and you yourself know better of what they desire from you).

for your 6th paragraph, there has to be a conclusion.

overall, make sure your essay sounds persuasive enough, check for grammatical errors, use beautiful vocabularies and write the way a happy person would be writing (hint: neatly).