help with essay!?

help with essay!?
i have to write an essay on how teens should not be allowed to drive. my thesis is: due to the irresponsibility and immaturity of most teens, the legal age should be 20. i need help with headings and some supporting details. i have the details but i juss dont know how to make it “flow” and sound good. my reasons are:
they dont have pacience
they like to show off
they drink and put loud music

can you please help?

In the news, there has been an increase in teenage car deaths, the teens are either found drunk or on drugs. Due to the fact teenagers seem to be matureing at an older age they shouldn’t have the right to endanger there lives or the lives of another person. Statistics show that more teens are found speeding to show off in front of there friends. The idea that being an adult at the age of 18 means you can drive should also mean that at age 18 you should have become a mature adult. The legal age of drinking is 21 if someone can not drink they should not be able to drive.

I’m not sure how good that sounds but… sorryy ha ha

Anyway good luck with you paper and you have a good topic just need some actual numbers and ideas on why by professional people! =)