Help with essay about physician assisted suicide?

Help with essay about physician assisted suicide?
Im doing an argument essay on PAS. Im a good writer and im pretty passionate in my belief it should be legal but im having writers block. Could someone answer with their opinions on why it shoud and should not be legal? Bcuz i also have to put opposing view points. And NO saying because its a sin. I already put in my notes what i have to say to that, like not everyone is religious so laws shouldnt be based on religious BELIEFS cuz they are not FACTS. So anything but the fact that its a sin.

It should be legal because people of sound mind should have the right to decide to end their own lives. For example, someone with a terminal cancer diagnosis knows they will go through excruciating pain, loss of appetite and gradually lose the ability to care for themselves until they will eventually become bed bound, incontinent, and unable to eat or drink. When our pets are given this prognosis, most people chose to do the “humane” thing and put the animal to sleep so they do not have to suffer. However, our society forces human beings to experience this exact suffering.

It should NOT be legal because it is a slippery slope. A terminal cancer patient seems like an obvious candidate for PAS. However, what if that same person has a depression diagnosis? Or what if the cancer is terminal because they refuse chemo/radiation? Or even because their insurance company will not pay for the needed medications? Most people argue that the person must be of sound mind to request PAS. Who determines if the patient is truly of sound mind? What if the DPOA of someone with dementia requests PAS so their loved one does not have to suffer. Can anyone really be sure the person is requesting PAS for their loved ones best interest? What if the care of the patient is costing the DPOA thousands of dollars a year? Or even depleting their possible inheritance? That’s where it gets tricky…best of luck on your paper!