help with Julius Caesar?

help with Julius Caesar?
I have to write an essay about why Brutus is a tragic hero in Julius Caesar. I read the play and everything I just had a hard time understanding it. Could you help me out please?

Brutus is the tragic hero in this play because he had the tragic flaw- naiveté.

He remained unsuspecting of the motives of the other conspirators and followed through with a plan that was all based on presumption. Brutus himself had good motives but is not aware that others do not. In addition, he expected the common people to use their sense of judgement and reason (appeal to their common sense and intelligence) something that they do not possess. This proved to be a mistake because the abstract ideals of “freedom” and “liberty” are not able to be comprehended by the common people. They will follow anything that moves, they must have a leader. Brutus’s second mistake was letting Antony live, he did not see the potential of danger that was hidden in Antony and therefore committed the second fatal error in keeping him alive. Lastly, it was his decision to loop the soldiers after a minor victory against Antony that eventually caused the death of his final ally, Cassius. His idealistic belief all through the play that once they vanish Caesar, tyranny will be destroyed is the tragic flaw that eventually led to his own demise. He does not realize that tyranny lives after the death of Caesar and it can be worse.