Help with my college acceptance essay please!?

Help with my college acceptance essay please!?
Hi! This is just from the Common Application… What I need to know is:

1. On the Common App., it states that there is a 250 word MINIMUM, but no maximum was stated. Do you think that just under 800 words is okay? Most people do around 500-600 (or so I’ve heard), but I’m having a hard time reducing it any more than I already have… it was about a significant occurrence in my life and I used a lot of imagery.

2. Any tips on reducing it (if you do think it will be a problem)?

3. Is an essay supposed to have something directed towards the university/reader? For example, are you supposed to throw in, at the end, something like “It is for these reasons that I feel I would contribute to your university just as much as your university would benefit me.” Or do you just leave it with an insightful comment about whatever you wrote your essay on?


The best college essays stand out from the crowd. Make it something that if you were sorting through a hundred essays, you would want to read. Do this by:
1. Making the first sentence catchy.
2. Taking a personal experience and connecting it to why you would contribute to the university you’re applying to. The more specific, the better. For example, perhaps if you’re applying to an education school, you could write about a moment in which you realized you had really helped someone, and that’s when you decided to be a teacher.
3. 800 words is fine. I wouldn’t go over 1,000 — remember, the admissions people will be tired and looking for a crisp, clean essay. Proofread it carefully and ask others to read it. Make sure, above all, it is not a repeat of your resume.

Good luck!