help with personal essays for high school?

help with personal essays for high school?
i have to write a personal essay for english in high school and i dont quite understand…like i get the topics we can write about, which is practically anything, and how to do the beginning and conclusion but wha about the body??
like is it a story??
for example, if i wrote about my pet peeve, nerds, would i use an anecdote then write about them, rather than share my experiences with them??
is it more of a story than a n essay??
coz its supposed to answer the ‘so what’ question, but idk if its a story about an experience or an essay pertaining to an experience with a moral or comment to the world

Think about the term “essay”

An essay is an informative piece of writing, that’s it. You can make it out to be whatever you want as long as the body agrees with your introduction and conclusion. For example, let’s say you want to write about an important experience in your life. Your introduction would be something about the importance of childhood experiences. Then, as you move into the body, one paragraph could give some background information about the experience you had (where it was, what it was, who was with you, ect.). The next paragraph could be about how you viewed the experience, why it’s important, what it means to you, so on and so forth. Another paragraph could be about how this experience has changed you and how you feel now or how you’ve changed your views. And finally, your conclusion is just a summary about everything you’ve written. One thing you should remember to do, is try to get people to relate to you. This is in fact a personal essay, but people should feel involved when reading it. Remember, an essay should always answer the “who, what, where, when, why, and how”.

I hope this helped