help with persuasive essay!?

help with persuasive essay!?
I am doing a persuasive essay on how people should spay/neuter their pets. There is so much info out there on it. In my body paragraph, I need 3 topics to discuss the issue. Topic1 is going to be the health benefits for your pet if you spay/neuter. Topic 2 will be about overpopulation from pets that are not “fixed”. For topic 3, I was going to talk about the number of pets euthanized each year. Now these topics were just my rough draft. Obviously these will be backed by details and facts. Are these pretty sufficient? I also need help with the intro. I don’t want to go into too much detail on what I will be talking about in my body. SOOOO if you guys could give some opinions or input that would be great. OR if you think of another topic that would rock, let me know 🙂

> I think that topic 2 and 3 are sort of the same thing — or at least you could collapse them into one topic for statistical purposes. If you try to keep them separate, the two paragraphs might be too “thin” or too repetitive.

> What if you had as a third topic the improvement in behavior of your pet once he or she is neutered (less fighting, less female “heat” behavior, etc.) I don’t know if there is enough information about that, but if there is, it would be a way to expand your essay with three really distinct topics.

> I think you should consider rearranging your sequence so you don’t end up on such a sad topic as the huge number of pets euthanized every year. That will make the reader leave your essay feeling bad.

For an intro, maybe you can start off like this:

You love your pet and you want to take good care of it. You make sure your dog or cat has good food and shelter, proper medical care, and kind and loving treatment. But one way in which people unintentionally neglect their responsibilities to their pets is in failing to have them neutered.

First paragraph:
Overpopulation of companion animals is a nightmare. The number of unwanted and unadopted pets is staggering…..and so on and so on. These animals end up euthanized in horrific numbers…..

Second paragraph:
Besides preventing overpopulation, a second reason to have your pet neutered is for the health benefits it provides to your dog or cat. Whatever and so on and so on

Third paragraph:
In addition to all that, one of the best reasons to have your pet neutered is the improvement in your pet’s behavior. Your dog or cat becomes a more agreeable companion and fits into your family better when (whatever behavior) is eliminated and (whatever) happens instead.

Your dog or cat has no one to depend on but you for all its needs, for its safety and for its happiness. Your pet becomes a member of the family, and so you must be sure to live up to your responsibility to have your pet neutered. It’s the right thing to do.