Help with persuasive essay?

Help with persuasive essay?
I know i asked this before but i didnt get many answers. ok so i have a persuasive essay due tomorrow. All i really need to know is what are some reasons why the government still owes the native americans? please help it has to be two pages long and i can not think of that many reasons

in a persuasive essay you don’t need that many reasons, you just have to argue the ones that you have really well.

-We took their land, it was the natives first, we pushed them out
-We changed their way of life ie. nomadic natives
introduced diseases to the natives
-Took away their language and culture by placing children in schools where they were only allowed to speak English and not practice anything in their culture while there. Children were also beaten there and only saw their families a couple of times a year

I hope that this helps!