Help with proposal for English essay?

Help with proposal for English essay?
I’m writing a proposal of which foreign languages should be taught at a lower grade level nation wide to improve America’s intercultural connections.
I’m having trouble, though, finding how much it would cost a school to employ, let’s say 3, new teachers and how much the new curriculum would cost.
Also, any other ideas as to what other “costs” I should consider with my proposal?

The costs of supplies, video and written materials are important. It is often expensive to pay for foreign language teachers because they are in high demand. You should research an average teachers salary in your area and then narrow it down to the average foreign language teacher’s salary. It might be possible to ask a teacher in an online forum how expensive the textbooks and materials are for a certain number of classes. you should figure out how many classes a day the teacher will have to teach and how many students will be in the classes. Good luck on your essay!