Help with Romeo and Juliet essay?

Help with Romeo and Juliet essay?
I have to choose either the nurse, benvolio, Friar Lawrence, Lady capulet, montague, prince, paris, and balthasar because they are the minor characters

We have to write the essay in 1st person about what he/she would think of the whole romeo montague – Juliet capulet drama. If I think its positive negative pitiful admirable etc… if he/she think its blown out of proportion, does he/she favor one person over the other and why I think this

Please please people i don’t want you saying that I should do it myself because it will do no good. I have an A in this class and this is my last essay of the year and I am so nervous.

I can’t decide who to choose and I dont know how to say what they think. The play was a little confusing for me

Can someone please help me with this? Please

I would use Lady Capulet, and go for the guilt angle. She and her family pushed Juliet to make a good marriage and now look where it’s gotten them – they’ve lost their only daughter. What a terrible waste. Now Lady C. will have to live with the guilt of that, and without her daughter, for the rest of her life. Hopefully she’s learned her lesson but it’s too late now. She mainly left the raising of Juliet to the Nurse and now her daughter is gone, etc. etc.

Good luck on your essay, you’ll do great, and congrats on your good grade!