Help with Russian Revolution essay?

Help with Russian Revolution essay?
I have to write an introduction for an essay on the Russian Revolution. My “causes” are propaganda, poor leadership and WWI. What was the background of the RR in 1917? Alex II, ALex III, Nick I… Kerensky? HOW SHOULD I START THE PARAGRAPH?

You need to look a LOT deeper for the reasons for the Russian Revolutions of 1917. Propaganda played only a limited role, and the policies of Nicholas IIs’ predecessors played a massive part. You have to examine the way that emancipation was achieved, the role of the Duma, the loss of the Tsar’s legitimacy following the 1904 Russo-Japanese War and the growing importance of the working classes in the industrial cities.

I would start by stating that the Russian Revolutions had very deep roots, outlining the long term causes, then I would detail the short term causes – such as WWI, poor leadership and the role of Rasputin. This will give your essay structure, and make the writing (and the reading of it), flow.

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