Help with Scarlet Letter essay please?

Help with Scarlet Letter essay please?
Ok, so I have to write an essay about the book “The Scarlet Letter” that needs to be atleast 5 paragraphs 3 sentences long a piece about the following: Some readers feel Hester Prynne was repressed or restricted by her puritan society while others feel she was able to express herself in meaningful ways despite her public disgrace.
My problem is, I have no opinion on this, i barely read the book. Im not really good at picking up on detail in books, especially what this prompt is asking me to do. I just don’t see the parts she may have been repressed or expressive. But this problem i have with books isnt an excuse. Can someone who has read the book please give me a little help? Im supposed to cite evidence from the novel that supports my opinion. If anyone is really willing to help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Lucky you, you don’t have to have an opinion. You just need to identify why others do. Some people see her as repressed—what in the book supports their opinion? Some people feel she was able to express herself–what in the book supports their opinion?

Even better, you have the topic before reading the book, so you have a huge heads up as to what to look for. This is a whole lot easier than having to think back over the book. Now, grab the book and start reading. Or, find an audio book; they’re often available at your public library. Download it and start listening. Either way, keep your eyes [ears] out for places where Hester is not able to express herself or has freedom of expression. This is a relatively short book so, unless your paper is due tomorrow, you should be able to knock this out easily in a weekend.