Help with writing a college essay?!?

Help with writing a college essay?!?
I’m writing about a particular author that has influenced me as a person. However, I don’t know how to begin it. Thesis ideas and tips would be wonderful. Once I get going, everything gets better from there.

Another question, since this essay is supposed to let colleges learn more about me, am I allowed to use “I, me, my, etc..?”

You need an attention getting sentence to start off. The thing with writing a college essay is that it doesn’t need to be perfectly structured and done by the book. You DO NOT NEED a completely summarizing thesis sentence. Also, definitely use first person (I,me,my,etc.). Anyways, get the reader’s attention and write it from your heart…as tacky as that sounds. Possibly something like “Some people are influenced by example; some are influenced by people and persuasion. I have always stood apart in my ideals and values and I have not been majorly influenced through the conventional ways. -Author’s Name- has taught me determination, compassion, and integrity through his writing.” Just an idea, but build off of what you want to get across and do it however you want to, just make sure you get it across. You do, however, need structuring in terms of transition sentences and conclusions. Don’t just leave a paragraph unfinished and move on. Good luck