Help with writing persuasive essay?

Help with writing persuasive essay?
I have to write a persuasive essay for my English final. what are some good topics that I could write about? nothing cliche Thanks;)

Pugh, Im writing a persuasive essay too right now!!!, awesome., I’m writing mines on Monopolies and I am against it, I am a con. Idk, u can probably write on something simple like, is bowling count as a sport, or digital or clocks better to tell time, ect.. Be creative with what ever u choose and try to inform smartly also.. 🙂 either one side or the other. Also, anything you like to go with or against and talk positively/negatively in that subject. Talk, write, scribble, info, info, splat goes the info and boom! Goes ur completed persuasive essay.. Haha, that was fast… Hope this helps
-ps. Good luck on ur final, hope u pass!! 😉