Help writing a reflective essay!?

Help writing a reflective essay!?
Discuss university students &/or graduates must show competence in areas of writing, critical thinking & effective communication to be successful scholars &/or employees!

Please assist me in a very timely manner, I need by tonight, I have already written something, but I was told by my lecturer, that I need to get public opinions,so please help me out!!! Any BRILLIANT help would be appreciated and I will give the ten points to the brightest response/s….pleaseeeee!

You can email it to me at or just post it here or a link that could help me!!!

Here’s a link on reflective essays. Apparently after you complete a “project” the reflective essay is a narrative of what you learned, who you spoke with, and how you think it turned out.…
From the link:
Your “reflective essay”—a piece of writing you complete at the end of the process—is an opportunity for you to look back on all of your hard work. Before you write a draft of your essay, collect all of your materials: project journal entries, research notes, visual aids, interviews, outlines, and anything else that you’ve used and created to complete your project. Look over all of this information and begin to evaluate your learning experiences and your final, completed project. This self-evaluation is important. You should be honest about the strengths and weaknesses of your finished project, and you should determine how the project could have been improved.