Help writing an essay about a poem?

Help writing an essay about a poem?
So, I have to write an essay on the poem Two Girls from Juarez by Sheryl Luna. Here is the poem if you’d like to look at it:
>–Two girls from Juarez hesitantly step toward my desk.
“Ms.,” one says with a paperback of Plath’s Ariel
corners folded and coffee stained. “Was she white
or black?” One with over-dyed red hair and black
roots announces, “She was prejudiced!”
I am now question my life in a desert; questioning
as lightning rips the sky like an instant of daylight
in the hard black lake of night. In Plath’s “Daddy”
a black man bites a woman’s heart, and all the wit
and the wordplay between darkness and light shrugs.
I am bitten. The girls want to know
about Plath’s gasps, about her white
eyes in darkness. One wears an electronic bracelet around her ankle.
The other’s cheeks red with too much rouge.
I imagine they live night dangerously
in an Oldsmobile near the Rio Grande,
that they love for real and they love to love.
I smile at them with no answer. I lost answers
long ago and the faces of my colleagues grew ghost-like
and words fell away and the poetry cancer came
like a priest for the sacrifice.–< So, I basically understand the poem, but I've never wrote an essay on a piece of poetry. My teacher wants us to discuss both the feeling and the meaning of the poem. I don't really know how/where to start. That's basically where I need help. It would be very much appreciated cause I just feel lost and I've got no idea how to start. ANSWER Step #1: Begin by first jotting down your responses to the poem. At this point, concentrate on the poem's emotional effect on you. Step #2: Now consider the meaning (main idea, message, moral, theme) of the poem. Step #3: Who is the speaker (or persona) of the poem? Describe the kind of person who appears to speak in the poem. Step #4: What sound devices are used in the poem? These may include rhyme, rhythm, onomatopoeia, alliteration, consonance, assonance, etc. Step #5: What are the dominant images, or sensory references? Consider not only which senses are appealed to, but also whether the images can be grouped in some way. Step #6: What kinds of figurative language appears? This might include metaphor, simile, personification, allusion, and so on. Step #7: Is there any other specific technique that influences the poem's meaning? Introduction: General discussion of the poem's effect on the reader. Last sentence of the paragraph should be your thesis statement stating the specific techniques used in your poem to convey the meaning of the poem. Thesis Sentence: Body Paragraphs: Each body paragraph should discuss one of the general techniques you have selected. You will support your selection by showing specifically how the technique revealed meaning. Each body paragraph will include two integrated quotes from the poem. Body Paragraph #1 (Topic Sentence): Partial quotes to be used: Body Paragraph #2 (Topic Sentence): Partial quotes to be used: Body Paragraph #3 (Topic Sentence): Partial quotes to be used: Conclusion: Your conclusion should include a restatement of your thesis in different words. You should broaden your discussion to include at least one of the following ideas: your opinion of the poem what you learned from reading the poem connecting the poem you discussed to another literary work connecting the poem to your own life