Help! Wrongful Yahoo Violations! What can I do?

Help! Wrongful Yahoo Violations! What can I do?
“you’re not supposed to post the same link over and over again in repeated questions”

What about all the people who post the same link to Spark Notes over and over again?

The same questions are asked over and over (“Was Hamlet mad?”). Other users give the same Answer over and over, with the same unhelpful link to the entire Sparknotes Hamlet article, rather than a specific answer to the question.

Each time that question re-occurs, I post a detailed Answer plus links to essays on my website with more details (including abundant quotes from the play) relevant to the specific question.

Relevant links are NOT against policy. Repeated Answers to repeated Questions are NOT against policy. Vindicative and false Violation reports as part of a vendetta by one user against another ARE against policy.