Help,Please? How to write Compare and Contrast essay?

Help,Please? How to write Compare and Contrast essay?
I’m trying to write a compare contrast essay on 3 movie reviews of The twilight: eclipse movie. I didn’t like the movie, so i picked 2 negative reviews and 1 positive,(plus there’s more to talk about). I think i’m right on how to break up the paper, one paragraph on positive, one on negative and one on the similarities (correct me if i’m wrong?). I just don’t know how to write up my thesis for the paper. Does anyone know how to help me out? I just need to get started and i can do the rest from there. The reviews i picked are:
(The negative ones)-–twilight-3-is-feeling-like-same-old
(The positive one)-

There are two different ways to do a compare and contrast essay, and usually, you just have two topics that you’re comparing and contrasting, such as apples and oranges, which I will use to illustrate the organization.

The block format you’d have:

Body paragraph A – apples
peel – edible
texture – varies – from soft to crunchy
uses – eating raw, cooking, preserving, baking

Body paragraph B – oranges
peel – inedible, but usable for flavouring
texture – soft
uses – eating raw, preserving


Second type (much easier to manage)

Body Para 1 – Peel
Apple peel characteristics
orange peel characteristics

Body Para 2 – texture

Body Para 3 – uses


In your case, I think since you’re comparing three things, go with the second type rather than the first (which is what you seem to be planning, only with an additional topic adding another paragraph).

Why? Because if you go with the second, it may help you arrive at a thesis. I would focus on three things all three reviews talk about, such as performances of the actors, special effects, directing, script, etc. Have one paragraph for each of those topics, and talk about what each review says about that topic, highlighting similarities and differences.

What should your thesis be? I can’t say directly, because it’s not clear what your purpose is. You must have a reason why you chose to do this essay. What are you trying to prove? That can be your thesis. If you’re still not sure, consider some possible focusing questions:
– who is more likely to give a favourable review? Male or female?
– who is more likely to give a favourable review? established newspaper/blog or less well-known sources?
– what are people most likely to focus on when deciding whether it is a good movie or not?
– what kinds of evidence used in a review seems to be more valid?

Hope that helps!