HELPPPP!?!!? English Elites!?

HELPPPP!?!!? English Elites!?
So I’m conducting an essay on the topic “a non academic aspect of your life that is important to sense of self”.
is it shying away from the question if my points of proof states that through my involvement in (whatever), the volunteerism aspect is important to my sense of self. My involvement has helped me gain teamwork skills that is important to my sense of self.

Is it completely avoiding the question that I am explaining how I’ve “gained” the skills instead of having one? Is that what the question implies?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi nidhiban,
You should ask yourself first of all: Do I understand what the task is all about? You have to think about this question first: What does ‘sense of self’ mean to me personally? It could mean, e.g.: …that you are or become aware of certain ideas or actions that seem important to you, or important for the development of your personality, your skills, etc. – Once you’ve identified what is important in YOUR case, take it from there. –
If, e.g., gaining some sort of skill seems important in your case, than by all means make an effort to gain it. On having gained it, you’ll possess it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or so to ‘gain’ some skills, why should it be? There’re many people out there who never gain any skills or at least not many.
Good luck,