Here’s my list of parts for a paper review — you can add as much as you like — in no particular order:

Here’s my list of parts for a paper review — you can add as much as you like — in no particular order:
Inclusion and exclusion criteria (include the most relevant information about the journal, the most controversial papers, the most important and interesting papers and so on),
Description of the paper,
Analysis (find out what the article has to say…),
Discussion section,
Methods and results,
Conclusion, including the most important conclusions,
Recommendations,After the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester that left 22 people dead, police have come under fire for their decision to let the attackers go.
One law-abiding citizen, who wishes to remain anonymous, commented on a recent article for The Daily Telegraph about the aftermath of the attack, stating, “If this were an American, I would be thanking the police too.”
The Daily Telegraph article was headlined, “Police allowed terrorists to escape after they slaughtered 22 in Manchester”, and read, “The Manchester suicide bomber blew himself up outside an Ariana Grande concert killing 22 people yesterday afternoon. He and his accomplice may still have left the blast scene, but they were not apprehended by police until nearly five hours later, more than 18 hours after the attack began.” Of course, the police did arrest the terrorist, an 18-year-old man known as Salman Abedi. A photo of him and his dead brother was posted on Instagram. However, it appears the police were not able to catch him due to police tactics.
The Telegraph article also stated how police reportedly told Ariana Grande’s security team that they were not required to lock down the venue.
“The last-minute change in plans meant the Manchester Arena – whose security was woefully inadequate – was left open to an armed attacker with horrific consequences,” the Telegraph article stated. “It is not clear in public how much of a role the police had in preventing Abedi from carrying out the atrocity; indeed, the timing and the circumstances suggest the police knew full well he was planning violent action while they were waiting on the doorsteps of hotel rooms.”
The Telegraph article added that a security guard told security that, “this is a terrorist” because he was wearing a suicide belt. What the security guard was referring to is unknown, but according to Manchester Evening News, Salman Abedi was reported to be wearing a suicide bomb vest prior to pulling the trigger.
The Daily Telegraph article went on to say, “The security team had left the arena around the time of the explosion, when a team of officers were seen heading towards the venue. But despite warnings from other officers that the bomber was still on the loose, the officers headed back inside the venue through the same door he had used. Instead of checking the building, officers simply opened another exit and went back out again.”
The Daily Telegraph article also went on to explain that the bomb didn’t go off until after Grande, an American pop star, performed a concert. What’s more, Abedi, who lived in Manchester, came from the Manchester suburb of Fallowfield. One eyewitness told the Daily Telegraph, “I was just sitting inside my flat when I heard this awful explosion outside and everyone ran outside screaming and crying. I saw three young girls down and I thought they died in the explosion. I went outside and saw it was just horrific