history essay ! help plzzzz ?

history essay ! help plzzzz ?
i have a history essay
i have to write about jean jacques Rousseau
& if he would agree on abortion & euthanasia
if he would be alive.
it has to be in 1st person
should he agree or disagree & why

thnxz =]]

Try thinking about it. I’m sure you’ve been given information on Rousseau so use it to come to an informed decision on whether he would agree or disagree. If you have not been provided with information on Rousseau, then look him up. “If he would be alive” is sickeningly poor grammar. And don’t tell us “it has to be in 1st person” because telling you our thoughts on whether he would agree or disagree is not the same as writing the essay for you. Use your head; it’s that lump that’s 3 feet above your ***.