History Essay Help!!!!?

History Essay Help!!!!?
i have to write a comparative essay on my schhol experience to my mom’s and need a starter sentence for the intro paragragh. any ideas how to start this essay? starter sentence?

My suggestion is to first do a rough outline of your main points to decide if you are going to do the contrast from the viewpoint of differences between your and her experience or similarities. Even if you decide to contrast similarities, it can still be a comparative essay. Decide which viewpoint you can most easily support by your information.

I always get the meat of the essay (main points) set up first. Then it is easier to be creative about your introduction of what you already know you are going to talk about.

‘Times are changing’ would be a good intro to contast total differences between you and your mom. Whereas, ‘It’s all been done before’ might be a good intro to an essay that contrasts similarities.