History essay on diseases and medicine help?

History essay on diseases and medicine help?
My essay subject is the causes or effects of the struggle to combat illnesses and diseases. For the essay you need a research question and thesis. Im not asking you to write the essay just to help with ideas for the research question and thesis statement. I’ve been thinking to write about epidemic/disease outbreaks such as smallpox, black death and how diseases was the ultimate threat to society before antibiotics. Also to write how modern medicine has saved society like during WW2 it saved a lot of soldiers and how it has prevented AIDS from becoming a huge threat in more economically developed countries. I just dont know how to formulate something like this into a research question and thesis that would make an analytical and argumentative essay.

There’s been a lot written about the discovery of bacteria and their connection with disease. Why don’t you do your paper on that – and to show you’ve really done your homework, talk about how fiercely the medical profession resisted the idea. Or maybe discuss why, despite Pasteur’s publishing his “germ theory” just at the end of America’s Civil War, it took another eighty years to produce an antibiotic.

You’ve surely heard how so many wounded soldiers had to have a wounded arm or leg amputated. But do you know why? You’ve heard the term “bite the bullet to bear the pain” of surgery – but did you know that was NEVER, EVER done – and why it was not done?

“Heroic” measures to treat illness included blistering – also called cupping, as well as bleeding and purging (making someone puke their guts out). Do you know where those ideas came from and why none of these dramatic measures are used any more?

There’s a few ideas for ya. You’ll have to do your homework and look ’em up – and their stories are fascinating – especially when you read how some of them did far, far more harm than good – like the medicines Calomel and Blue mass…why was Laudanum so very popular among Nineteeth-century folks who’d never dream of taking strong drink (booze)? Good luck with your paper!