History questions on my final! help!?

History questions on my final! help!?
so i have a final for history tomm. and ive been trying to study for the essay questions and i cannot understand them or get the answers!!! can someone please help me?

the first ones on imperialism:
-what is one social, political, & economical motivation for a european country to imperialize another country? explain the impact of each on the colonized country.

the 2nd one is on WWII:
-identify three ways germany was punished by the treaty of versialles and explain how these contributed to the outbreak of WWII.

Germany was denied 3 things. They were denied their beer (drinking, selling and production), eating rich food (all that wurst food: eating and production) and Oktoberfest was banned.

That led to a build up of pressure, tension and boredom amongst the populace (especially the men) and it exploded in 1939 when they attacked the Poles. It didn’t have to be them but they just happened to be around when they started to vent. As they say, the rest is history.

Yes, why are you still in school at this time of June? Go to another school next year with a shorter school year!