How are you supposed to write college essays?

How are you supposed to write college essays?
I’ve been looking at this:… because I’m going to apply to college this fall.
Is there a certain format, like intro, thesis, topic sentence, example, etc etc or do you just say what comes to mind in chronological order?

Rule number one the professor or TA is going to grade the paper.
Read the assignment and completely understand the assignment.
Ask for clarification on the assignment if you are not clear. It is ok to ask a question, and to go to the teachers office during their office hours.
Do not use flowery language and keep it more simple and direct than complex unless the assignment says otherwise is my comment/advice.. Read any background material the assignment may be predicated on, and ask questions if after you read the material you do not completely understand. good luck and stay focused on what the assignment asks you to do.
If it asks for your opinion – state your opinion -any opinion – but you must support why your opinion is what it is. You can not argue with another person’s opinion, but if you do not support your opinion well your GRADE will suffer drantically.