How bad is a score of 1800 on the SAT?

How bad is a score of 1800 on the SAT?
i got a 530 on math, and a 680 and 670 on reading and writing (i can’t remember which is which). How bad is this? What can i expect in the future with scores this dreadful, if i don’t raise them?
And please don’t tell me that my scores are fine, and that everything will be alright if you actually think otherwise.
Also, how is the ACT different, and do you think i could do better?

1800 is far from “dreadful!” The national average is 1500, so you are well above that. An 1800 can get you into many state schools (most start accepting in the mid 1600’s). However, your score depends on what you want in terms of college. If you’re looking into pretty competitive schools, then yes, you will need to raise your 1800. However, you can get in comfortably to lots of decently ranked schools with a score like that.

The ACT is different because there are four sections: reading, english, math and science. The sections are also longer in time and in question number. I like the SAT more because the sections are divided up nicely, some only having as little as 10 or 14 questions, which helps me finish in time. I felt rushed on the ACT and also found it easy to loose focus with the length of the sections. However, you may have thought the SAT dragged on forever, so it depends on your personal preference. In terms of scoring, the ACT does not penalize you for wrong answers, so guessing is encouraged. The ACT is generally better for math/science minded people. The SAT caters more toward english minded people and there is no science. The essay on the SAT is a required part of your writing score, whereas on the ACT, the essay is optional and does not affect your overall score. I suck at math, so having a reading and writing section to balance out my bad math section is helpful for me. It looks like you’re also stronger in reading/writing/english, so I would guess the SAT is the test for you. I think you should try the ACT though, just to see how you do.

In the meantime, prepare for a retake of the SAT. If you work hard, you will see improvement.
Best of luck!!!