How can i become better at writing essays?

How can i become better at writing essays?
i will be a senior, and i noticed, so much of life, comes through essays. scholarships, grades/ ap classes.. you name it.

how can i become a better writer, in essays?

i know the basic format, intro , 3 paragraphs, ending. thesis at the end of intro. topic sentence. i guess basic structure…

however, i always score very low, like C’s mainly. and rarely b’s.

teachers always say i lack in writing strong thesis, and my thoughts, drift. some of my “evidence” don’t go together with my topic sentence. and my essays don’t make sense….

is it just practice makes perfect… or what?

um…well don’t write the way you did in this post…that could be a good idea…

…anyway, bitchiness aside, here are some valid points (this is what I do in my lit class, and I usually get A’s, sooo…)

Don’t focus too much on the structure. Back when I did regular english from years 7-10, I never paid too much attention to the structure, but rather, I focused on what I was writing.

First when you get your essay question, brainstorm about 3-4 good points you can write for it (you will later turn this points into paragraphs). My method for my history essays (which I guess are more like english essays that my lit ones, which are quite different) is reading the question, branching of ideas that relate to the question, then branching off more ideas for those original ideas, forming paragraphs from them, while constantly linking them back to the topic as I write.

Try choosing specific scenes/parts of the novel to focus on when writing paragraphs; this will make finding appropriate evidence A LOT easier.

Also for a strong writing thesis; take words you use in your essays that you think of to be dull and boring, stick them into a thesaurus, and see if you can find anything better (eg. “shows” to “depicts” or “encapsulates” and “contrast” to “dichotomy”).

Also attempt to ‘in-bed’ quotes into your essays, rather than simply sticking them in there, because this will often make them seem choppy and messy – NOT something you want in an english essay.