How can I conclude my essay on social networking?

How can I conclude my essay on social networking?

Hello… this is a complete essay..check it out

Social Networking
An Essay Social Networking –a Paradox- Success or Failure

Introduction —Teenagers will freely give up personal information to join social networks on the Internet. Afterwards, they are surprised when their parents read their journals. Communities are outraged by the personal information posted by young people online and colleges keep track of student activities on and off campus. The posting of personal information by teens and students has consequences. I will discuss the uproar over privacy issues in social networks by describing a privacy paradox.

Social networking is successful because of its Viral Nature-They key to social networks quickly moving up in size is their viral nature. Because people who get on those need to expand their network, they invite their friends. And those friends, in turn, invite their friends. The viral nature of a new social network is an important part to making it succeed.Some networks have taken the model one step further by being…

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