How can i get a level 7 in History Essay?

How can i get a level 7 in History Essay?
I need to do a history essay about “why was slavery abolished?”
And im in year 9, and want to get a level 7, any idea on how i can do this?
I know that i have to use P.E.E. And i do do that, but thats so far earned me a 6a.
So any help?
Its due for tomorrow thou =S

I got a level 7 in my last assessment, I’m in year 9 as well.. Just make sure there’s as much evidence and reasoning in there as you can fit into the time limit. Come to a good, detailed conclusion (very important). Perhaps you could present some points in why some people didn’t want slavery abolished, but I’m not sure if that’s what they’d be looking for, but most history assessments love that. The more detailed and more filled with evidence, the higher the level. Ask your teacher for a level criteria next time, which tells you what you need to show for a level 7, which really helped me.