how can i get into a good college…?

how can i get into a good college…?
i don’t do extra curricular activities and am not involved within the school. will that prevent me from getting into a good college?
and what if my grades weren’t that great in 9th grade, but thereafter they were mostly A’s?

You can always start off at a community college, and get your grades up and then transfer to a four year school. It really cuts down the cost of going to college as well. I am doing an associates degree than transfering to a state school next year. You also may be able to get out of doing the SAT’s and admission essay requirments. In my state atleast you can bypass these requirments by transfering from community college. Also if you can get really good grades your senior year than you can still get into a nice school. You can also do really well on the SAT’s. I know people who got into great schools with only a GED after doing very well on the SAT’s.