how can i get more views, likes or subs in youtube?

how can i get more views, likes or subs in youtube?
i just uploaded a video in my youtube account, how can i get more views, likes, or subscription without paying?

only just made a channel this month and have over 1000 views.
The way to do it is advertise online. You do this by simply looking at other Youtube videos similar to yours and comment, comment, comment! Each time you comment your placing a direct link to your channel! Even like what I’m doing now answer a question onYahoo answers with a link to your channel. For example if you are making a video on “how to do a fishtail”
Look up “how to do a fishtail” on yahoo answers and answer the questions of others with links to your video!
Believe it or not but your description actually counts as tags! So do a super long description with lots of key words! If you look atmy videos their descriptions are essays!
SHARE your videos on facebook and blogs, twitter, or myspace, send it to all your email contacts!
Please subscribe to mine! Thankyou and I hope my answer makes sense!…