How can i make my death penalty essay longer?

How can i make my death penalty essay longer?
I dont have enough to fill the 2 pages i need to fill. Please help me out with some more key points, examples, quotes, andything. The key points i alreay have are
-when murderer is given parole they can still commit crime (i have ex willie horton)
-the whole ‘eye for an eye’ that it is proportional retribution for a murderer to be killed
-the injection process is humane

thanks 🙂

Criminal punishment serves five purposes:

1. it deters the individual from re-offending,

2. it sets an example for all for society by showing what happens to an offender, thereby generally deterring others from crime,

3. it prevents vigilantes,

4. it actually physically disables the criminal from committing other crimes except against other incarcerated persons,

5. and, except for the death penalty, it provides an opportunity to rehabilitate the bad guy (but nobody beleives this one).

Your arguments miss out on several key points:

– innocent people are very often given the death penalty (in the State of Illinois it was recently determined that the death penalty was given to people improperly 44% of the time);

– it appears to be an instrument of racial oppression: in the U.S., the death penalty is most often given to black people, very seldom to white people;

– very few other prosperous and civilized nations allow the death penalty; not the UK, not Germany, not France etc … the countries that use the death penalty are China, Burma, North Korea, etc…;

– after all these years and all the studies there is no scientific evidence that the death penalty actually deters criminals from committing murder;

– because of all the legal safeguards, it is incredibly expensive, far more expensive than life in prison;

– insane persons are sometimes executed; a good argument exists that no civilized country should execute an insane person (insane people do not know why they are being executed so why do it?);

– executions are not public events; they are done in hidden and secret rooms; this suggests that there is something shameful about capital punishment; if executions were televised or put on the internet, the American people would not tolerate capital punishment, would they?

– murderers are never given parole in lieu of capital punishment – they are given life in prison; who really cares if they re-offend by murdering somebody in prison?; capital punishment for the purpose of retribution is very weak justification; a life sentence would be just as much or more retribution.