How can I make my essay longer?

How can I make my essay longer?
I’m writing an essay about a book that has to be 750-850 words (about 3 pages), and I have to write the word count on my essay after it’s printed out. I’ve explained everything and gotten to the point just like my professor told me to do, but I’m stuck at 482 words. I need to write more fluff but I just don’t know what else to put in here… Please help!

In the past, when I’ve written essays, I tend to see that I elaborate less when I strictly focus on just answering the main questions and the main questions alone. Essays call for you to provide detailed examples. Expand upon ideas. Expanding doesn’t necessarily mean rambling on. When your teacher says get to the point, he/she means to not ramble on, to avoid “laundry listing”.

What’s the thesis of your essay? Decide how you will prove your thesis using maybe three or more ideas/topics/devices (etc.) the book demonstrates. From there, divide each idea/topic/device… into specific examples presented in the book. Try to get at least 3 examples (pieces of evidence). When I write an essay for English class trying to prove maybe a theme in the book, I usually divide my paragraphs into literary devices the author uses. From there, I present the specific examples of the literary devices used in the book.

Students are usually taught to create paragraphs based on the MEAL plan:
M – main idea (It should be a transitional sentence from the preceding paragraph.)
E – evidence
A – analysis
L – link…
(I usually repeat the -EAL part because I provide multiple examples.) Analyzing and linking ideas back to your thesis is to help you avoid “laundry-listing” your examples.

Your essay should have 1 introductory paragraph, 3+ body paragraphs, and 1 concluding paragraph.