How can I remember what I read?

How can I remember what I read?
I ve been spending all day trying to read the first chapter of this book I have to finish and write an essay on for the 1st day of school. I can read but I never understand the story and can t remember the fundamental situations in a story. I ve been heavily dependent on spark notes but there isn t one for this specific book. How can I get myself to focus reading it?

You’ve spent your scholastic career being heavily dependent on shortcuts, it’s no different from someone who’s used a calculator their whole life not knowing how to do basic arithmetic. It might be possible for you to learn how to read analytically and commit what you read to memory, but it won’t happen overnight. When a person’s problems spring from laziness and others point that out, lazy people tend to take offense and make excuses. Laziness breeds ignorance, and lazy people rely on shortcuts and various aids to do everything. Plenty of people can’t go anywhere without navigation chirping away and can’t park the car without a computer when they get there. Your difficulty stems from choices you made and continued to make. Make a conscious decision to change and to be more self-reliant and less dependent. When you aren’t lazy anymore, your common sense and intelligence will increase, as will your memory and self-esteem. Best of luck to you.