How can i start an essay?

How can i start an essay?
How can i start an essay wit an attention getter, talkin bout Lydia from Pride and Prejudice, and im comparing/contrasting us. please give some great ideas!!! thanks

Say I was talking about a person. I would describe them in the beginning.

For instance:
With scraggly brown hair and dull blue eyes, Mrs. Haney wasn’t much of a looker. But she had a heart the size of a the sun.

And just elaborate from there. Try to talk about three main things about her. Using the Mrs. Haney example again, let’s say she had a big heart, she cared about her family, and her husband had died in the war.

In one paragraph you can talk about her big heart, in another the caring of her family, and in another the death of her husband. In the end just summarize it all up again.