How can I start my compare and contrast essay?

How can I start my compare and contrast essay?
For my English II class, I have to write an essay comparing and contrasting the person I am and the person I want to be. I outlined all the information I will be using in the body of my essay but I have absolutely no clue on what to write for the introduction and conclusion.
This is due tomorrow so I really need answers! Please help me!

• Present the basic information about the topics to be compared and contrasted
• Narrows the focus to allow the writer to easily present information on the topics
• Provides a thesis statement that allows the reader to understand, in a general sense, the information that will be presented on the topics

Body Paragraphs
• Depending on the chosen structure, either addresses both topics in the same paragraph or addresses a specific topic
• Falling in line with the thesis, shows how the topics are similar
• Also shows how the topics are different
• Evidence will be provided to back up the writer’s suppositions

• Summary of the evidence presented
• Restatement of the thesis
• Address the significance of the two topics being compared and contrasted