How can i start my essay?

How can i start my essay?
I need help on starting my essay for a scholarship and also i don’t know what to include in my essay? can someone help? Essay topic: Provide an overall statement of how your community activities and work experiences have positively impacted your community.

At least you can assume others have the same problem you do.
Your dilemma is, in part, how to give a balanced analysis of your impact on the community in which you reside and have resided.
Major pitfall is coming off with too big an ego.

I recommend finding a trusted ‘mentor’ and take a list of all community activities and experiences in which you have been engaged. Go through the list with your mentor and sort them into priorities. I would go with someone who is not a family member but who knows you very well.

That person may have some items to point out to you. Your list may be incomplete and you may have made more impact in ways you have not perceived. I would ask the mentor to assist me in the process of reading various drafts of the essay as it is processed.