How can I write a comparative essay of these three books?

How can I write a comparative essay of these three books?
How can I compare the books Death of Salesman, Maus, and The Great Gatsby?

Could you discuss the element of self-destruction in each book? I am familiar with Death of a Salesman and The Great Gatsby, so I could easily see self-destruction in those. I wasn’t familiar with Maus, so I looked it up on Wikipedia, and this section is what gave me the idea:

Use of animals
Throughout Maus, Jews are represented as mice, while Germans are represented as cats. Other animals are used to represent other nationalities, religions, and races, the most notable other being Poles as pigs and French as frogs (and at one point the British are portrayed as fish). Almost all the characters of a single “nationality” were drawn identically, with only their clothing or other details helping to distinguish between them. In making people of a single nationality look “all alike”, Spiegelman hoped to show the absurdity of dividing people by these lines. In a 1991 interview, Spiegelman noted that “these metaphors… are meant to self-destruct in my book — and I think they do self-destruct.”[4]