How can I write a descriptive essay on food?

How can I write a descriptive essay on food?
this is the the prompt I was given ” Write a descriptive essay about an unusual meal you have eaten. Make the details you record serve a clearly stated thesis.”

I am horrible at writing essays! I don’t have an unusual meal that I’ve eaten and I don’tknow how the heck to come up with a thesis statement for this type of essay, Please help!!!

Might as well pick the weirdest meal you think you have eaten, and then write a paragraph about the taste, another about the smell, another about the texture, another about how its made, another about the ingredients and what they add to the meal (some add flavor, some for presentation, etc.). Another paragraph could be about any food allergies someone (doesn’t have to be you) may have. You could even get into different presentation, different styles of the food, origin where it was made. But as far as what food, pick something you find exotic or foreign, Chinese take out does not count. Try like a seafood like Alaskan King crab or a special pasta or something.