How can I write a good college admissions essay?

How can I write a good college admissions essay?
I would love to attend the University of Baltimore when I’m older, and part of the Undergraduate First Year Checklist states that I need to write an admissions essay or personal statement, of 250-500 words, “on one of the following: the major progam that interests you at UB and why; what about UB makes you believe it is the school for you; a significant experience and its impact on you; or another topic of your choice.”

I want to write about the major program that interests me, Forensic Studies, but when I try to write about it, I get my point down in about thirty or so words, and that definitely is not enough! So what would make a good admissions essay? Any hints or tips?

Please and thank you!

You are pretty much telling a story. Just don’t say I choose this major because of this and that.

Usually, we have a particular experience(s) that guide us to our conclusion. I doubt CSI or other shows are good reasons.

Also, do you have any related skills or experiences that you think are setting you on the right path towards this goal. If you applications does not allow you list any achievements/awards, then you could probably work one in. Like you were in officer of the science club and would have an annual field trip. This one time we went to a state park and explored the surrounding woods.

Your trying to make yourself stand out. I am sure they will expect you might change your major.

But they want to see if you really thought your choice through and can effectively communicate those points.