How can i write a good scholarship essay for college within these questions?

How can i write a good scholarship essay for college within these questions?
What are your goals in your field of study and after graduation?Why do you deserve this scholarship?Please provide any other factors that you would want our college to consider when assessing candidates?

And if i dont really have those factors how could i still make it look legit?.

What is your field of study? If you have one, relate that to how you can help people in the future. Helping and volunteering to “make the world a better place” is always a good filler. You want to show them that what you are majoring is something you are passionate about. Even if you didn’t want to do that since you were a little kid, give them a story relating how you first figured out you wanted to go into that field. Help them understand what it is you like about that field so much.

If you haven’t chosen your field of study, tell them that. Explain that you are undecided but that you want to attend their college because they offer a variety of degrees that will allow you to figure out what you want once you get there. Flatter them. Let them know you want to go there because you like the school and you believe the degrees are worthwhile and will benefit you in the future. You could also say that, though you are undecided, you believe higher education is an important factor in helping you succeed in the future.

Other factors: leadership. Colleges always look for that! And volunteer work. If you weren’t a leader or a volunteer at any point, find something you WANT them to know about you. They are letting you vouch for yourself at this point.

Why do you want to go there? Do you hate school, even? Even so, let them know that you want to learn and succeed and you believe their school will let you do that.

Hope that helps!