How can I write a reflective essay on I picture that I drew?

How can I write a reflective essay on I picture that I drew?
Okay Senior in high school here, and my English teacher told us to draw anything we wanted but we had to write a reflective essay. I drew an anime picture of a school girl twirling with leaves falling around here. But How do I start my essay?
Help please! (Thanks for answering and much appreciated!)

Your question shows that you have the most common type of writer’s block when it comes to essay writing. That is, how to start your essay. I am going to recommend that you get a set of instructions which has a method that will completely bypass this problem, by having you write your introduction last, instead of first. What you will need to begin is a good, working thesis statement (and, yes, I will provide instructions for writing that, too!).

The thesis statement basically answers a question or a series of related questions regarding your topic, which in this case, is your drawing. So the first task is to decide what question your paper will answer. Is it a general question, such as “What is the description of your drawing?”, or, something more specific, such as “What is the symbolic meaning of the drawing, and what emotions does it attempt to portray? Is the work of art successful in invoking those emotions in the viewer? Why or why not?”

Choosing the question(s) is your choice in this case, based on your assignment which simply asked you to “reflect” on your creation. You can reflect any way you choose, so once you have decided how you want to do that, you can formulate your thesis statement (and there will be examples in the instructions I will give you). The next step is to brainstorm sub-topics, which will eventually be written up in paragraph form for the body of your essay (you will probably need at least 3 since you did tell us of any size requirements for your paper). Then you will write your body, next, you will summarize your points in the conclusion paragraph, and then, go back and finalize your thesis statement and write your introduction.

I have the links for the instructions at my website, go there and:

– Click on the “General Essay Help” button or on “Links for Creating Essays” from the homepage

– Get the “how to’s” at the two links in red on that page. One is the method for writing your essay by Wiki which I outlined above, and the other is an excellent set of instructions for thesis statement construction from Indiana University, which is fantastic

– In addition, depending on your requirements, you might want to also look over the “Essay Help by Type” links (there are 2 pages of them). For example, there are several good sets of instructions for creating a 5 paragraph essay. Use them as a secondary source for help with writing your paper (the Wiki method should be your primary source for the method you use to write)

Here is the link for my website. It is all about writing and there are no ads:…

I have placed all of the instructional links, tips and shortcuts for writing that I acquired through answering these questions at Yahoo Answers in one place, so that students could get whatever they needed. There are many things there that may help you on this writing assignment (or your next one), so be sure to bookmark it.

I wish you the best of luck on your essay. With the right tools, you will do fine!