How can I write an essay on social justice?

How can I write an essay on social justice?
I’m trying to get into nursing school – the school wants their applicants to write about “social justice” in relation to healthcare. The main points are:
– social justice
– healthcare
– serving others
– alturism

I know 3 of the 4 but how can I incorporate “social justice”? I was raised in catholic school education in grade school and high school and they’ve taught us to serve others. My mom is also in the healthcare career and has taught us about caring for others. I’ve volunteered for organizations during grade school & HS…I love people and am naturally affectionate. I volunteered at the state university hospital at 16 by being an escort, became a nursing assistant and worked for years w. geriatrics – and some who have had mental illness (alzheimers, etc…) Also worked with people with special needs and mental disabilities….

I just don’t know where to start or how to angle this essay…HELP!

The social justice part is equality of opportunity for all in terms of healthcare one of the problems at the moment highlighted is that burses are leaving food at patients bedsides beyond their reach so by the time they get to it it is cold so this woudl be discriminating against those who cant manage – It is about being equally concerned about the health and well being of a jewish person or that htey had access to what they need for prayer etc. Just think along these lines about equality of access – the food might be healthy but not kosher – Social justice is the opposite to the one size fits all mentality – a recognition that each individual has individual needs that we don’t even know about till we try to understand them.