How can recycling be fair to people?

How can recycling be fair to people?
I need help with my project.
I have to write a 500 word essay on something (recycling).
I need to know how it is beneficial, good willing, and fair.
Really i only need fair

I don’t see how recycling isn’t fair. I can give you a good example how not recycling isn’t fair. We used to ship all our toxic e-waste to India and China, supposedly so it could be recycled. Instead companies dumped the stuff near towns and into water ways and tons of heavy metals polluted communities farm land and drinking water. Some people started to salvage the valuable materials, but without proper equipment they exposed themselves to lead, and a variety of other toxic metals. Now they are dying or getting lots of cancers. We now have laws to ensure e-waste is recycled in a safe manner instead of being dumped in the backyard or poor communities.